Academic commission of the doctorate programme in architecture



  1. Antonio Tejedor Cabrera, President
  2. Marta Molina Huelva, Secretary
  3. Antonio Ampliato Briones, Member
  4. Ana Rosa Diánez Martínez, Member
  5. Carlos García Vázquez, Member
  6. Antonio Jaramillo Morilla, Member
  7. José Morales Sánchez, Member
  8. María Dolores Robador González, Member
  9. Victoriano Sáinz Gutiérrez, Member
  10. Juan José Sendra Salas, Member
  11. Narciso Jesús Vázquez Carretero, Member
  12. Teófilo Zamarreño García, Member



Functions of the Academic Commission


The Academic Commission has the following functions:


- To design, organise, coordinate, define and update the doctorate programme, as well as its training and research activities, ensuring its academic excellence.


- To establish the additional admission criteria for the selection and admission of students to the programme according to current regulations, as well as the specific complementary training which the doctoral students have to do, where appropriate.


- To assign to each doctoral student a tutor and a thesis director, communicating this assignation to the doctoral student and to the unit in charge of the doctorate studies of the University of Seville within the time limits set.


- To modify the naming of the tutor and/or thesis director, upon hearing from the doctoral student, at any moment of the period of doing the doctorate, provided that justified reasons are met and that there is a favourable report of the Doctorate Commission of the University.


- To authorise the naming of one or various thesis co-directors when causes that justify it are met.


- To authorise doing part-time doctorate studies.


- To annually evaluate the research plan and the doctoral student’s activities document, taking into account the reports that, for such a purpose, the tutor and the director must issue, as well as to communicate this evaluation to the unit in charge of the doctorate studies of the University of Seville, in accordance with the procedure and the time limits set.


- To authorise, where appropriate, the extensions of the doctorate studies of the doctoral students who request it.


- To resolve the merits of authorising temporary withdrawals in the programme of those students who formally request it in a justified manner.


- To carry out the tasks allotted in the current university regulations for the presentation and public exposition of the doctorate thesis.


- To guarantee and authorise the stays and activities conducive to obtaining the International Mention in the Degree of Doctor.


- To foster the international projection of the programme, favouring the mobility of lecturers and doctoral students, as well as the formalisacion of agreements with foreign institutions.


- To carry out the follow-up and accreditation of its programme and boost and lead actions conducive to its improvement.


- To ensure the updating of the information about the programme in the respective communication and dissemination media.


- Any other function which the entity responsible for the doctorate studies in the university entrusts to it or other statutory dispositions in force assign to it.