These are formulated from three basic generic ideas, defining a certain ideological positioning of the programme in the general framework of architecture understood as a social activity: 


- Integration, a fundamental principle of architectural thinking which must be present, as an ingredient, in the perspective of any specialised research. This will be materialised and realised within the programme in specific compulsory educational activities.


- Interdisciplinarity, or permeability of the disciplinary limits of architecture and opening up to the articulation and integration of knowledge and diverse experiences.


- Ethical positioning in the natural and social environment, on which architecture acts as an agent of transformation, the programme assuming some general principles of sustainability, equality and justice.



The objectives of the programme are:


OB-01 – To train new highly qualified doctors in the field of architectural research, in any of its facets, providing the opening up of new ways for the enrichment and advance of architectural knowledge.


OB-02 – To foster in the new doctors the assumption of a global and inclusive perspective of architectural research, and of the need and the opportunity to articulate, as far as possible, interdisciplinary efforts and experiences.


OB-03 - To foster in the new doctors an ethical positioning in relation with the natural and social environment based on general principles of sustainability, equality and justice.


OB-04 – To contribute to the qualitative improvement and the optimisation of all social activity related with architecture: teaching, research production and management.


OB-05 - To foster innovation and experimentation in relation with the architectural problems posed at the heart of contemporary culture.


OB-06 – To attain a high level of quality in the doctoral theses promoted and developed with the application of the Programme and to be, due to the seriousness and rigour of its proposals, an international reference in the context of architectural research.


OB-07 – To facilitate the doctoral students with the knowledge and access to methodological tools, as well as transversal and specific education appropriate for the development of their research.


OB-08 – To put at the disposal of the doctoral students the most complete and up-to-date information about the international panorama of architectural research.


OB-09 – To attain a high degree of internationalisation, promoting the mobility of the doctoral students and their stays in foreign research centres, collaborating with other institutions and transnational projects, integrating external lecturers and attracting students of other nationalities.


OB-10 – To promote the relation and, where appropriate, the professional articulation of the doctoral students with the main social, economic and cultural agents in relation with the production of architecture.


OB-11 – To facilitate the members of the programme with access to the most appropriate sources of financing as well as, as far as possible, the infrastructure necessary for the development of the research and the culmination of the doctorate theses.


OB-12 – To contribute to the total or partial dissemination of the research developed at the heart of the programme via contributions to congresses, journals and specialised publishing houses.