CB11 – Systematic comprehension of a study field, and command of the research skills and methods related with this field.

CB12 – Capacity to conceive, design or create, put into practice and adopt a substantial process of research or creation.

CB13 – Capacity to contribute to the broadening of the frontiers of knowledge through original research.

CB14 – Capacity to carry out a critical analysis, evaluation and synthesis of new and complex ideas.

CB15 – Capacity of communication with the academic and scientific community and with the society in general concerning their knowledge areas in the modes and idioms of common use in their international scientific community.

CB16 – Capacity to foster, in academic and professional contexts, scientific, technological, social, artistic or cultural advances within a knowledge-based society.



CA01 – Function in contexts in which there is little specific information.

CA02 – Find the key questions which have to be answered to solve a complex problem.

CA03 – Design, create, develop and undertake novel and innovative projects in their knowledge area.

CA04 – To work both in a team and autonomously in an international and multidisciplinary context.

CA05 – To integrate knowledge, to face complexity and to formulate judgments with limited information.

CA06 – The criticism and intellectual defence of solutions.



CE01 – To foster innovation in the area of architecture from a broad perspective in relation with contemporary culture and global economic and social trends.

CE02 – To identify and value the frontiers of knowledge in the context of internationally-recognised architectural research, based on the specific focus of the research line chosen.

CE03 – To develop and apply advanced research methodologies and techniques in the field of architecture with an appropriate understanding of the processes and an efficient planning of the times and actions.

CE04 – To establish a complete state of play based on a specific area of architectural research, via bibliographic search, the locating of related research in the international panorama, etc.

CE05 – To assume a transversal perspective of architectural integration in the proposal and development of specific research.