Presentation of the degree

This is a new Doctorate in Architecture Programme which has a comprehensive educational offer, with lecturers participating from 10 knowledge areas who teach/research in the Superior Technical School of Architecture (ETSA), in the Superior Technical School of Building Engineering (ETSIE) and in the Superior Technical School of Engineering.

This programme trains doctors in a total of 13 research lines - 5 of them transversal and 8 specific - which bring together the capacity of doctorate education of the research groups of the ETSA, of the University Institute of Architecture and Building Sciences (IUACC) and of the ETSIE.

This doctorate programme has been designed as a programme of excellence for doctorate education and is a clear national and international reference for the education of young researchers in Architecture and other, similar degrees, given the experience accumulated by the concession of the Ministry of Education of the Mention of Quality to a previous doctorate programme, of a narrower spectrum than that which is currently offered. For this reason, the following actions have been proposed:

  • To define a set of ambitious aims to be attained, for which a series of competences and capacities has been established that must be acquired by the students of the programme; this has obliged us to carry out an offer of educational activities complementary to the actual development of the doctoral thesis.
  • To design an Internationalisation Plan with a view to fostering both the mobility of the students of the programme to well-known research centres and for foreign students to carry out short stays at the heart of the plan, and even for registration and later enrolment in the programme. Likewise, this plan fosters the participation of the research groups associated with the programme in competitive international programmes and the joint dissemination of the results of the research derived from 
  • To promote the participation and collaboration with this doctorate programme of firms with R+D+i departments and technological centres of similar research lines, mainly in the sector of Building, of Energy and of the Environment, especially of those which have been registered as Agents of the Andalusian System of Knowledge, contributing to the financing of the programme and to the dissemination of the results of research derived from them, establishing to do so the corresponding collaboration agreements.
  • To continue with the work of the dissemination of the research activity and of doctorate education, and of the promotion and stimulus of that dissemination.
  • To put at the disposal of the doctorate programme infrastructures which favour technological transfer and knowledge transfer.
  • To establish assessor committees of the doctorate programme which favour its greater social impact in the productive and research fabric.