Seville University regulations

Own regulation of the University of Seville


Enrolment regulation in doctorate studies, course 2016-2017


Regulation of the procedure of extension of permanence in doctorate programmes.(pending insertion)


Regulation for type of work scheme and permanence  for students enrolled in doctorate programmes of the University of Seville regulated by the RD.99/2011 


Regulation of the International School Internal Doctorate Scheme  


Rectorate decision by which are established equivalences of credits and assessment of level of master of the Spanish official university degrees obtained in accordance with university planning before that regulated by the R.D.1393/2007, of 29 October, for the purpose of accessing the doctorate programmes regulated by the R.D.99/2011


Agreement 6.1/CG 18-7-2014 by which was passed the Institutional Declaration of the University of Seville for promotion of open access to scientific production 


Agreement 8.1/CG 19-4-12 by which was passed the Regulatory norm of the doctorate thesis system


Agreement 7.2/CG 17-6-11 by which was passed the Regulation of Doctorate Studies in accordance with what was established in the R.D. 99/2011.


Agreement-4/CU-17-5-10 about concessions of Doctorate Honoris Causa.


Agreement 6.2/CG 11-12-07 by which was passed the Regulation of the concession of Extraordinary Doctorate Awards of the University of Seville